Call for papers for the 24th Annual Conference of
the Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics

Instructions for submissions to SIOE 2020

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 2 (in any time zone).
Electronic submission through this website is the only means of submission.
Submitters will choose which of ten broad topic areas is appropriate for their paper

Submitting an individual paper (to be placed in a session by the Program Committee):

  • Submission of complete papers is encouraged but not required. Unpolished drafts are more likely to inform the committee than are lengthy abstracts.
  • By submitting a paper (or draft or abstract) you are indicating your intention to be the author presenting the work at the conference.
  • An individual may submit only one paper. No individual should be a co-author on more than two submissions.

Submitting a proposed session (to be reviewed as a whole by the Program Committee):

  • A session is three papers.
  • In any one session, no individual should be a co-author on multiple papers.
  • Submitting a session involves four items: the three papers, each submitted individually, as described above, and a session summary form submitted by the session organizer, stating the session title and the titles and authors of the three papers.
  • Incomplete sessions (such as fewer than three papers, or three papers without a session summary form - see above) will be considered as individual papers.
  • As above, by submitting a paper in a proposed session you are indicating your intention to be the author presenting the work at the conference. No individual should be the intended presenter of multiple papers, even in multiple sessions.

Submitters of accepted papers or sessions will be notified in late March.

Please contact if you have any question(s).

Whether submitted as a paper or part of session, all papers presented at the conference will automatically be considered for the Oliver Williamson best-paper prize.

SIOE 2020 : Proposal submission form (step 1/3)

To be completed by all submitters of papers in a proposed session:

Session summary form to be completed by organizer of proposed session.