Call for papers for the 23rd Annual Conference of
the Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics

Instructions for submissions to SIOE 2019

Please provide the following information to submit a paper to be considered for the program of the SIOE 2019 conference. Submission of complete papers is encouraged but not required.

In addition to the usual information, including paper title and abstract, we are asking authors to identify up to two closest topic areas for their paper (step 3). These will be used to match submissions with the expertise of Program Committee members and to assign papers to sessions.

The deadline for paper submissions is February 4th, 2019. Only electronic submissions through this web site will be considered. We expect notices of decisions to be communicated by e&mail by mid to late March. Detailed instructions for registration and uploading final papers will be sent with the notification email.

Please note that by submitting a paper, you are indicating your willingness to present the paper at the conference. The conference organizers also prefer that each presenter presents no more than one paper and is a co-author of no more than two.

Organized Session Proposals: For proposals of organized sessions, please correspond directly per e-mail with the Program Chair at Such proposals should include, for each paper: (1) name and email contact information of author(s), and (2) title and abstract. Session proposals should also have a title reflecting the theme of the session, and the name of the person who will chair the session, if any.  The person submitting the session will be considered the session organizer whether or not the session includes one of their papers. The Session Proposal should be attached as a pdf-file with a file name that includes the submitter’s surname. The session organizer should make sure that each presenting author submits their paper online (using the regular paper submission process) and selecting “paper to be presented in an organized session.”

All submitted papers will automatically be considered for the Williamson best paper prize.

SIOE 2019 : Proposal submission form (step 1/3)